uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional printers, scan devices and large format printers to your organization. uniFLOW’s modular structure and the powerful multi-vendor support allows the system to be tailored to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

One Platform. All Your Needs.

One Platform.

uniFLOW uses one integrated platform for all print, scan, and device management.


uniFLOW is scalable to any size to provide flexibility in every business environment.


uniFLOW’s modular architecture means its benefits can be extended into other business processes.


uniFLOW’s device-independent platform simplifies assimilation of a mixed fleet of devices.

Better control over your print process.

With uniFLOW, there is no need to purchase local printers for users to print securely. Sensitive documents can be printed securely to a shared network device and all costs can be tracked and allocated. Powerful features such as the uniFLOW Universal Driver or the uniFLOW SmartClient enable a unique solution which can be easily adapted to business processes that are already in place. uniFLOW allows better control over the entire print process and encourages users to be more efficient which saves costs.

Direct Document Scanning.

With uniFLOW users can scan documents directly from both the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE and Canon ScanFront Network Scanners into the respective business processes defined according to their exact needs. Documents can be automatically processed and distributed to a wide variety of destinations. The intuitive user interface and the personalized scan workflows that follow a user from one device to another help to achieve immediate gains in productivity.

Mobile Printing Technology at your fingertips.

Today, users’ printing requirements go far beyond the simple “file, print” available on their desktop PC. Recent advances in technology mean users are no longer confined to their desks. Instead they can work anywhere at any time. Until now, print technology has not kept pace with these developments. Now uniFLOW brings printing into the mobile age and users can print via mail, mobile App, Apple AirPrint® or Google Cloud Printing™. Guest users can also be authorized so that they can print documents.

Customized Device Management.

With uniFLOW organizations are capable of monitoring and controlling their entire print fleet. The solution can be configured to send out automatic status notifications and customized workflows can be created for various device escalation levels such as warnings or device errors. With the additional option to integrate tightly with Canon iW SAM Express, organizations can easily capture and archive all device activities such as print, scan, fax, copy and email.

Printing infrastructure management.

Many organizations, from schools to large corporations, need to manage their office printing infrastructure as well as their central print room. uniFLOW can facilitate print room management, from submission to job intake, from document make ready to production.

Secure cloud printing & scanning for business.

Cloud services can transform how today’s businesses work, optimizing processes while reducing capital investment. uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud-based printing, scanning and accounting solution that will manage your entire environment.

uniFLOW Online is the solution that will save costs, increase security and employee productivity and enable central control of all printing, copying, scanning and faxing.




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